The Super-est Duper-est

by Travis V. Anderson
May 12, 2013



Start with breakfast served with chocolate milk,
In bed on sheets that we’ll pretent are silk.
Add a pretty bouquet of bright orange flowers,
And you might end up with superman’s powers.

Alas, while it’d definitely be cool to fly,
And to have laser eyes, and to be a strong guy,
And to have x-ray vision and see though a wall,
These aren’t the best-est, super-est powers of all.

You see, the real powers we celebrate this day,
Are above and beyond the normal super-power fray.
These powers are awesome–stuff of legend and lore,
Stronger than steel and tougher than diamonds galore.

These are the chiefest, the utmost that ever hatched.
Unequaled, unparalleled, unprecedented, unmatched,
Unsurpassed, unrivaled, and utterly, ultimately uber,
These are undeniably, unquestionably, unerringly zuber.

These super-est, duper-est super powers are so strong
They can’t be had by just any Joe who comes along.
Only the crowning, principal, and most supreme,
Can wield these powers like Superman can only dream.

This special hero is definitely from the top-drawer,
And is good and kind and compassionate to the core,
Whose good deeds we ordinary folk say are enchanted,
For nothing that good should be taken for granted.

And yet for granted we take them every single day,
But the hero doesn’t want all the attention anyway.
She never receives medals, and rarely even stickers,
But rather than frown, she just laughs, and Snickers.

Armed with a binky, a sponge, and a potato masher,
When there’s trouble, she’s there quicker than Dasher.
So who is this awe-inspiring hero, who is ‘da bomb’?
This hero is the super-duper hero I like to call Mom.

A Christmas Dress

by Travis V. Anderson
December 25, 2012



There once was a very beautiful wife,
Who lived a very cute little life.
She had a very cute little family of three,
And at Christmas, she decorated a very cute tree.

She was married to a gorgeously handsome man,
Whom she loved since the day their family began.
(Even though between school and,
They never had much time to play Monopoly.)

They had very cute litte one-year-old,
Who absolutely loved bananas, I’m told,
As well as anything that goes around,
And staircases, from ceiling to ground.

They lived in Provo in a cute first-floor condo,
Where the upstairs neighbors practiced taekwondo.
There was a cute little park that wasn’t very far,
And out back they parked their cute little car.

And though it seemed all affliction had been erased,
There were actually two big problems that she faced:
Jaxon made sure her kitchen was no stranger to messes,
And second, her closest could use a few more dresses.

Only one of these problems can be fixed today,
And the other one I guess we’ll have to delay
For a few more years, until Jaxon is all grown up
(And the drawer finally finds that lost measuring cup).

So today I guess we’ll have to settle on the latter,
Since in the end, the former doesn’t really matter.
However, there is something that this gift requires,
Which is that you buy a dress before the it expires.

Prince Hopper Stronglegs

by Travis V. Anderson
September 21, 2009



All the little froglets grew up hearing the tales
Of Hopper Stronglegs, the Great Prince of Wales.
It was said he could jump a hundred yards or more,
And kill a dragon with his fearsome croaking roar.

His muscles were so big! And his legs so very strong!
Legend tells us Hopper’s tongue was also really long!
They say he could smell a fly from across the lake,
And he swam so fast you would only see his wake.

But in reality Hopper was a prankster and quite irresponsible;
More often than not he was seen fleeing the police constable.
Proud and puffed up, he always shunned his royal duties,
And sarcastically teased his classmates about their cooties.

The other frog ladies swooned over King Louis of France
And they never gave Hopper hardly even a glance!
Thus rejected from his own kind, Hopper was left alone;
Until he beheld a beautiful woman in her castle of stone!

From the moment he laid eyes on the human Princess Andelia,
His legs turned to Jell-o and his brains went “See ya!”
“I must have this beautiful woman to wife! I simply must!
I’ll follow her to the palace… It’s either marriage or bust!”

Hopper moved to the palace garden, living in a hollow log;
He was scared and self conscious (after all, he was only a frog).
Nevertheless, his heart was smitten and his mind was set;
He was dedicated to this human woman he’d never even met.

Their difference in species never seemed to bother Hopper,
He knew he’d struck the jackpot of love… And what a whopper!
His great love emboldened his spirit and set his emotions a fire;
Hopper would do to anything to have his heart’s truest desire!

“Now, if only I can find a way through the gate and past the guard!
But with the tall castle wall and wide mote, that task will be hard!
I know there’s got to be a way inside! If only I could think!
I must find a way to my princess, or I’ll die, shrivel, and shrink!”

But try though he might, Hopper couldn’t make an entry.
Instead of frogs, it seems, the castle was for ladies and gentry.
The rest of the day passed and then came the cold, lonely night,
Instead of sleep, the darkness only brought worry over his plight.

The next day before dawn, Hopper jumped out of bed.
He ran to the palace with love’s sweet song filling his head.
When he reached the castle walls he leaped one big bound,
Clearing both mote and wall before coming back to the ground.

Hopper was amazed, for it was the biggest jump in history.
And how he managed it, even to Hopper was a mystery.
But a moment later, he recovered from the shock of his feat,
And scurried off in search of the princess he hoped to meet.

He searched throughout the castle, looking all over the place;
He just had to find the princess with that beautiful face!
He looked in the great hall, the library, and in the stable,
But finally found her sitting at the dining room table.

He skipped the introduction and made his intentions clear,
Shouting all the while to be sure the princess could hear.
“Oh, Andelia, you are the love and joy of my life!
I have a question I’m dying to ask you… Will you be my wife?”

Surprised and amused, Andelia let out a small giggle,
And then a chuckle, and a laugh, until her ears began to wiggle!
But something about this frog had caught her attention,
And the rest of the story is history, hardly worth a mention.

Andelia scooped up Hopper and, in a moment of bliss,
The frog and the princess shared true love’s kiss.
And then, quick as a whistle, and without even a wince,
Hopper Stronglegs transformed from amphibian to prince.

Each time they reflect on that day they burst out in laughter,
But even still, the prince and princess lived happily ever after,
Regardless of its unusual origin, every day their love grew.
Hopper Stronglegs and Princess Andelia–Their love was true!

Happy Father's Day

by Travis V. Anderson
June 21, 2009



To show you our love on this special Father’s Day,
There are many things we’d really like to say!
My wife was going to put it all in really cute card.
But with her illness, it would’ve been rather hard.
You see, she has a really bad pain in her head,
So unfortunately, to make a card, you get me instead.

I pulled out the scissors, and little hole-punches,
And dumped glitter on the card in great big bunches.
I stuck hundreds of stickers all over the place,
I even glued on some ribbons and some blue lace.
I put a stamp on the front and cute saying inside,
I tried to make an envelope, but— well, at least, I tried.

I stood back to take a look at my work of art,
And decided to start over and tear it apart.
On my second attempt, my wife tried coaching me,
But my hands wouldn’t do what my mind could see.
Again I tried! And again! And then I even tried once more!
It never turned out- But I can make an excellent eye-sore!

We wanted the card to express our gratitude ample,
For your hard work and leadership, and for your example.
We honor and respect you, and really look up to you,
And want to say thank you for all the things you do.
We appreciate your support and all your sacrifice,
It’s always way more than enough to suffice.

Your wisdom and counsel go without compare!
And with your selfless love, we needn’t despair.
So my card-making ended in a gooey, messy disaster!
(Hey! It’s not my fault the glue didn’t dry any faster!)
So we got a plastic gift card instead, and with it we say,
“We love you, Dad!” and “Happy Father’s Day!”

Get Well Soon Song

by Travis V. Anderson
January 14, 2009



Last night I decided to write you a pretty song,
So I did! It was neither too short nor too long.
Of course, it was all about you, my beautiful wife,
And how much I love you, Mrs. Love-of-my-Life!
It was a lovely song, and I’d sing it to you if I could!
If it weren’t for one small problem, I really would!

You see, I can’t quite remember how the song goes,
Alas! My bad memory always causes me such woes!
The lyrics were great, formed deep within my heart;
But they’ve fled my recollection, from the end to the start!
The melody was catchy, bursting from my very soul,
But it’s gone too! Maybe old age is taking its toll!

I got up this morning, depressed I couldn’t remember,
I’m so in love with you, I thought it was December!
I love you so much, more than an “i” loves its dot,
More than breathing! and I love breathing a whole lot!
And you wonder why I’m so absent-minded?
I can’t stop thinking of you! You have me blinded!

So I guess why I’m such a klutz is really your fault,
I think of you and all other thoughts screech to a halt.
Oh, if only I could remember the song I wrote for you!
Then you would know how much I love you! It’s true!
Oh, wait! I do remember the last line! (though not the tune),
It went like this: “I love you, and I hope you get well soon!

The Light Be Which I See

by Travis V. Anderson
February 14, 2008



Today is Valentine’s Day, a very special day;
For some it’s a day when couples get together to say,
“I love you, I love you, I love you, I do!
Have some chocolates… and some roses too!”

For others, today is a day to pass secret notes,
With cute love sayings, or romantic quotes,
To a friend, a classmate, or a special someone;
But they are always signed “From: ?” (just for fun).

For others still, today is a day when Cupid goes on the hunt;
With his bow and arrows ready, he lets out a grunt,
And thinks to himself as he spots his pursued prey,
“This one’s not going to escape. There’s no way!”

For me and you, today is a day made for two,
And I want you to know just how much I love you;
I want you to know how much you mean to me,
You are the beautiful light by which I see.

You are the smiley face in my bologna,
You are the cheese to my macaroni.
You put the tick back in my clock,
You are the key to my padlock.

So, my dear, you are the love of my life,
You are the edge of my knife.
You are the air in my basketball,
You are the stores in my shopping mall.

You are the ink in my pen,
You are the feathers on my hen.
You are the juice in my bottle,
You put the movement in my waddle.

Hey, I have an idea! And this one’s really good!
Why don’t we flip a coin? Really, I think we should!
If it’s heads, I‘m yours, and if it’s tails, you’re mine,
But in either case, please, oh please will you be my Valentine?

Graduation Present

by Travis V. Anderson
July 18, 2007



I thought and thought until my thinker was sore,
But undaunted still, my sore thinker thought some more.
With no inspiration, no matter how hard I tried,
I continued to think, until my brain was fried.

Then an idea came (though it didn’t solve my plight):
“If I get no ideas, maybe Google might!”
So I searched and searched, I tried every last trick,
I clicked and clicked, until my clicker clicked its last click.

“Well, that didn’t work,” I sadly admitted to myself,
“Maybe I should try my secret book hidden on the top shelf!”
I retrieved the magic book known only to nerds,
And I read and read; My goodness! So many words!

Spells about snakes and owls, and little round holes,
About tails and claws, and enchanting moles,
The magic book was fascinating, about cute little field mice,
But for me and my problem, it held little advice.

Down a thinker and a clicker, and the magic book out,
My options were disappearing, but I didn’t yet pout.
Instead, I put on my mask and red superhero cape,
Thinking then the ideas would surely begin to take shape.

And lo and behold, I wasn’t disappointed one bit,
The solution felt like a load of bricks when it hit!
I thought, “Oh, I know! I know! I know what I’ll do,
I’ll ask someone wiser than me, I think I’ll ask you!”

I know only you can solve this dilemma for me,
It’s about a girl, someone special, an angel, you see.
She makes the grass greener and the sky a prettier blue;
She makes life worth living, like the morning dew.

At nine o’clock sharp, she piles her notes in a heap,
While the monkeys and me, we rob her of her precious sleep.
She’s worked and studied so hard and learned so much stuff,
Gained so much knowledge, and avoided all the fluff.

She always sees the brightest side of every situation,
Smart and ready, she is well prepared for her vocation.
A most impressive show to José and Jane, Jamal and Joe,
Today she finishes, she graduates from BYU Ida-ho.

I want to do something for her on this momentous day,
To let her know how great she is; but boy! What do I say?
What could I give? Please, tell me that you know,
For she deserves more than the whole world could bestow.

Oh no! You don’t have any ideas I could give her either?
Let’s brainstorm together before this stress gives me a fever.
Something royal, something grand… fit for Old King Jeroboam!
But with no such thing to be had, I guess I’ll settle for this poem.