A Christmas Dress

by Travis V. Anderson
December 25, 2012



There once was a very beautiful wife,
Who lived a very cute little life.
She had a very cute little family of three,
And at Christmas, she decorated a very cute tree.

She was married to a gorgeously handsome man,
Whom she loved since the day their family began.
(Even though between school and Topo.ly,
They never had much time to play Monopoly.)

They had very cute litte one-year-old,
Who absolutely loved bananas, I’m told,
As well as anything that goes around,
And staircases, from ceiling to ground.

They lived in Provo in a cute first-floor condo,
Where the upstairs neighbors practiced taekwondo.
There was a cute little park that wasn’t very far,
And out back they parked their cute little car.

And though it seemed all affliction had been erased,
There were actually two big problems that she faced:
Jaxon made sure her kitchen was no stranger to messes,
And second, her closest could use a few more dresses.

Only one of these problems can be fixed today,
And the other one I guess we’ll have to delay
For a few more years, until Jaxon is all grown up
(And the drawer finally finds that lost measuring cup).

So today I guess we’ll have to settle on the latter,
Since in the end, the former doesn’t really matter.
However, there is something that this gift requires,
Which is that you buy a dress before the it expires.

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