Get Well Soon Song

by Travis V. Anderson
January 14, 2009



Last night I decided to write you a pretty song,
So I did! It was neither too short nor too long.
Of course, it was all about you, my beautiful wife,
And how much I love you, Mrs. Love-of-my-Life!
It was a lovely song, and I’d sing it to you if I could!
If it weren’t for one small problem, I really would!

You see, I can’t quite remember how the song goes,
Alas! My bad memory always causes me such woes!
The lyrics were great, formed deep within my heart;
But they’ve fled my recollection, from the end to the start!
The melody was catchy, bursting from my very soul,
But it’s gone too! Maybe old age is taking its toll!

I got up this morning, depressed I couldn’t remember,
I’m so in love with you, I thought it was December!
I love you so much, more than an “i” loves its dot,
More than breathing! and I love breathing a whole lot!
And you wonder why I’m so absent-minded?
I can’t stop thinking of you! You have me blinded!

So I guess why I’m such a klutz is really your fault,
I think of you and all other thoughts screech to a halt.
Oh, if only I could remember the song I wrote for you!
Then you would know how much I love you! It’s true!
Oh, wait! I do remember the last line! (though not the tune),
It went like this: “I love you, and I hope you get well soon!

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