Graduation Present

by Travis V. Anderson
July 18, 2007



I thought and thought until my thinker was sore,
But undaunted still, my sore thinker thought some more.
With no inspiration, no matter how hard I tried,
I continued to think, until my brain was fried.

Then an idea came (though it didn’t solve my plight):
“If I get no ideas, maybe Google might!”
So I searched and searched, I tried every last trick,
I clicked and clicked, until my clicker clicked its last click.

“Well, that didn’t work,” I sadly admitted to myself,
“Maybe I should try my secret book hidden on the top shelf!”
I retrieved the magic book known only to nerds,
And I read and read; My goodness! So many words!

Spells about snakes and owls, and little round holes,
About tails and claws, and enchanting moles,
The magic book was fascinating, about cute little field mice,
But for me and my problem, it held little advice.

Down a thinker and a clicker, and the magic book out,
My options were disappearing, but I didn’t yet pout.
Instead, I put on my mask and red superhero cape,
Thinking then the ideas would surely begin to take shape.

And lo and behold, I wasn’t disappointed one bit,
The solution felt like a load of bricks when it hit!
I thought, “Oh, I know! I know! I know what I’ll do,
I’ll ask someone wiser than me, I think I’ll ask you!”

I know only you can solve this dilemma for me,
It’s about a girl, someone special, an angel, you see.
She makes the grass greener and the sky a prettier blue;
She makes life worth living, like the morning dew.

At nine o’clock sharp, she piles her notes in a heap,
While the monkeys and me, we rob her of her precious sleep.
She’s worked and studied so hard and learned so much stuff,
Gained so much knowledge, and avoided all the fluff.

She always sees the brightest side of every situation,
Smart and ready, she is well prepared for her vocation.
A most impressive show to José and Jane, Jamal and Joe,
Today she finishes, she graduates from BYU Ida-ho.

I want to do something for her on this momentous day,
To let her know how great she is; but boy! What do I say?
What could I give? Please, tell me that you know,
For she deserves more than the whole world could bestow.

Oh no! You don’t have any ideas I could give her either?
Let’s brainstorm together before this stress gives me a fever.
Something royal, something grand… fit for Old King Jeroboam!
But with no such thing to be had, I guess I’ll settle for this poem.

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