Happy Father's Day

by Travis V. Anderson
June 21, 2009



To show you our love on this special Father’s Day,
There are many things we’d really like to say!
My wife was going to put it all in really cute card.
But with her illness, it would’ve been rather hard.
You see, she has a really bad pain in her head,
So unfortunately, to make a card, you get me instead.

I pulled out the scissors, and little hole-punches,
And dumped glitter on the card in great big bunches.
I stuck hundreds of stickers all over the place,
I even glued on some ribbons and some blue lace.
I put a stamp on the front and cute saying inside,
I tried to make an envelope, but— well, at least, I tried.

I stood back to take a look at my work of art,
And decided to start over and tear it apart.
On my second attempt, my wife tried coaching me,
But my hands wouldn’t do what my mind could see.
Again I tried! And again! And then I even tried once more!
It never turned out- But I can make an excellent eye-sore!

We wanted the card to express our gratitude ample,
For your hard work and leadership, and for your example.
We honor and respect you, and really look up to you,
And want to say thank you for all the things you do.
We appreciate your support and all your sacrifice,
It’s always way more than enough to suffice.

Your wisdom and counsel go without compare!
And with your selfless love, we needn’t despair.
So my card-making ended in a gooey, messy disaster!
(Hey! It’s not my fault the glue didn’t dry any faster!)
So we got a plastic gift card instead, and with it we say,
“We love you, Dad!” and “Happy Father’s Day!”

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