Prince Hopper Stronglegs

by Travis V. Anderson
September 21, 2009



All the little froglets grew up hearing the tales
Of Hopper Stronglegs, the Great Prince of Wales.
It was said he could jump a hundred yards or more,
And kill a dragon with his fearsome croaking roar.

His muscles were so big! And his legs so very strong!
Legend tells us Hopper’s tongue was also really long!
They say he could smell a fly from across the lake,
And he swam so fast you would only see his wake.

But in reality Hopper was a prankster and quite irresponsible;
More often than not he was seen fleeing the police constable.
Proud and puffed up, he always shunned his royal duties,
And sarcastically teased his classmates about their cooties.

The other frog ladies swooned over King Louis of France
And they never gave Hopper hardly even a glance!
Thus rejected from his own kind, Hopper was left alone;
Until he beheld a beautiful woman in her castle of stone!

From the moment he laid eyes on the human Princess Andelia,
His legs turned to Jell-o and his brains went “See ya!”
“I must have this beautiful woman to wife! I simply must!
I’ll follow her to the palace… It’s either marriage or bust!”

Hopper moved to the palace garden, living in a hollow log;
He was scared and self conscious (after all, he was only a frog).
Nevertheless, his heart was smitten and his mind was set;
He was dedicated to this human woman he’d never even met.

Their difference in species never seemed to bother Hopper,
He knew he’d struck the jackpot of love… And what a whopper!
His great love emboldened his spirit and set his emotions a fire;
Hopper would do to anything to have his heart’s truest desire!

“Now, if only I can find a way through the gate and past the guard!
But with the tall castle wall and wide mote, that task will be hard!
I know there’s got to be a way inside! If only I could think!
I must find a way to my princess, or I’ll die, shrivel, and shrink!”

But try though he might, Hopper couldn’t make an entry.
Instead of frogs, it seems, the castle was for ladies and gentry.
The rest of the day passed and then came the cold, lonely night,
Instead of sleep, the darkness only brought worry over his plight.

The next day before dawn, Hopper jumped out of bed.
He ran to the palace with love’s sweet song filling his head.
When he reached the castle walls he leaped one big bound,
Clearing both mote and wall before coming back to the ground.

Hopper was amazed, for it was the biggest jump in history.
And how he managed it, even to Hopper was a mystery.
But a moment later, he recovered from the shock of his feat,
And scurried off in search of the princess he hoped to meet.

He searched throughout the castle, looking all over the place;
He just had to find the princess with that beautiful face!
He looked in the great hall, the library, and in the stable,
But finally found her sitting at the dining room table.

He skipped the introduction and made his intentions clear,
Shouting all the while to be sure the princess could hear.
“Oh, Andelia, you are the love and joy of my life!
I have a question I’m dying to ask you… Will you be my wife?”

Surprised and amused, Andelia let out a small giggle,
And then a chuckle, and a laugh, until her ears began to wiggle!
But something about this frog had caught her attention,
And the rest of the story is history, hardly worth a mention.

Andelia scooped up Hopper and, in a moment of bliss,
The frog and the princess shared true love’s kiss.
And then, quick as a whistle, and without even a wince,
Hopper Stronglegs transformed from amphibian to prince.

Each time they reflect on that day they burst out in laughter,
But even still, the prince and princess lived happily ever after,
Regardless of its unusual origin, every day their love grew.
Hopper Stronglegs and Princess Andelia–Their love was true!

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