The Super-est Duper-est

by Travis V. Anderson
May 12, 2013



Start with breakfast served with chocolate milk,
In bed on sheets that we’ll pretent are silk.
Add a pretty bouquet of bright orange flowers,
And you might end up with superman’s powers.

Alas, while it’d definitely be cool to fly,
And to have laser eyes, and to be a strong guy,
And to have x-ray vision and see though a wall,
These aren’t the best-est, super-est powers of all.

You see, the real powers we celebrate this day,
Are above and beyond the normal super-power fray.
These powers are awesome–stuff of legend and lore,
Stronger than steel and tougher than diamonds galore.

These are the chiefest, the utmost that ever hatched.
Unequaled, unparalleled, unprecedented, unmatched,
Unsurpassed, unrivaled, and utterly, ultimately uber,
These are undeniably, unquestionably, unerringly zuber.

These super-est, duper-est super powers are so strong
They can’t be had by just any Joe who comes along.
Only the crowning, principal, and most supreme,
Can wield these powers like Superman can only dream.

This special hero is definitely from the top-drawer,
And is good and kind and compassionate to the core,
Whose good deeds we ordinary folk say are enchanted,
For nothing that good should be taken for granted.

And yet for granted we take them every single day,
But the hero doesn’t want all the attention anyway.
She never receives medals, and rarely even stickers,
But rather than frown, she just laughs, and Snickers.

Armed with a binky, a sponge, and a potato masher,
When there’s trouble, she’s there quicker than Dasher.
So who is this awe-inspiring hero, who is ‘da bomb’?
This hero is the super-duper hero I like to call Mom.

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